The aim of the Neonatal Critical Care Section is to promote best evidence-based practice, advocate for infants and their families and improve neonatal outcomes; building national and international collaboration platforms to enhance clinical effectiveness across Europe and beyond.

We are working in conjunctions with Neonatal Nursing Care Section and the other ESPNIC sections.

We are aspiring to create a robust platform with holistic approach to support neonatal professionals, vulnerable patients and their families, Incorporating as many as possible professionals working in neonatal critical care from most of the European Countries, in collaboration with the Local-National Societies of Neonatology and Neonatal Nurses in Europe.

In summary, our aim is to address many aspects of medical and nursing care for newborn babies, focus on:

  • Clinical education,
  • Neonatal guidelines,
  • Neonatal research,
  • Family integrated care,
  • Digital healthcare and
  • Quality improvement projects.


Chair: Manuel Sánchez-Luna
Deputy Chair: Izabela Andrzejewska

All members are invited to join, please email the ESPNIC membership services at to confirm your section membership.